Digitisation of pathology

Let's create an efficient network of pathological diagnostics.

digitization of pathology

Diagnosis Distribution

We deliver diagnosis orders to experts in their field, regardless of location, which translates into faster and more accurate diagnoses

Liquid Diagnosis Market

By increasing liquidity in the pathology diagnostics market, we are transforming it into a more responsive, efficient and patient-centric ecosystem

Management and Tracking of Diagnostic Specimens

Thanks to our platform, the process from shipment to diagnosis is fully monitored, which guarantees transparency, improves logistics and shortens the waiting time for diagnosis

Diagnose on MedShare

MedShare is your hub for global pathology diagnosis. Our platform allows you to analyze and diagnose samples from doctors around the world, ensuring a steady flow of requests. 

Join the Global Diagnostic Network

Our platform allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of experts from around the world, accelerating the diagnostic process and raising the standards of patient care. Join MedShare and face the challenges of 21st century medicine on a larger scale.

digitization of pathology

Order a Diagnosis

MedShare is a tool created for doctors that allows further diagnosis. With our platform, you can easily contact a network of experts, order a diagnosis, and conduct a consultation.

Open up to the Global Market of Experts

MedShare is your gateway to a global network of pathology experts. Our platform connects you with experienced specialists from around the world, offering a faster and more precise diagnosis process. Join MedShare and discover the power of global healthcare collaboration.

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